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Negative Prostate Biopsies May Still Harbor Malignant Tumors
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The non-invasive and painless forty minute MRI procedure at First Scan revealed a highly suspicious malignancy in the anterior region of my prostate where the UCLA study reports that repeat blind (TRUS) biopsies miss potentially aggressive and dangerous cancers.

My urologist would not have found this cancer using the old standard method although the cancer would have remained in the prostate and continued to grow.
Coach – theMEDICAREcoach.com

A great service and one that I would recommend to any man facing issues with elevated PSA. Their staff is awesome and very thorough. They explain their procedures with great detail to put your mind at ease. This is a much less intrusive method for obtaining detail for diagnosing prostrate cancer. 30 painless minutes and your done. I almost fell asleep during my procedure. A quick detailed report back to you and your doctor , I had mine back within 20 hours.
Lynn N. – FirstScan Client

I was completely satisfied with my experience at FirstScan. The quick and courteous service did not go unnoticed. The follow up report from the radiologist also had a rapid turn around time. I am a physician myself and I will happily refer patients to FirstScan.
Darin J. – FirstScan Client

The reason I had the first scan MRI done was mainly because my wife was concerned because prostate cancer runs in the family. I was concerned about the price so I was reluctant to do the test. I finally gave in and agreed to do the test. I am glad I decided to do the test after it was done. It was a very simple test and only took about 25 minutes. It was good news to find out that the tests showed no signs of cancer. It was a relief for me and my wife. I would recommend this test to anyone who is concerned about their health. In the end I am glad I took the test. Also hopefully the insurance companies will soon cover the cost of the test. It would save them money in the long run.

Ron C. – FirstScan Client

I was scheduled for a prostate biopsy. I was looking for a better way to find out if I had a problem. I did a little research on the Internet and found FirstScan. After reading the information I decided it was a good way to prescreen prior to the biopsy. I had my appointment about two weeks prior to the biopsy. The radiologist with FirstScan found there were no problems worth further investigation. I was glad to rely on his findings and not go forward with my biopsy. I really do believe FirstScan does a better job of looking at the prostate than just a preventative type biopsy. Thank you for being there FirstScan.
Larry M. – FirstScan Patient

Because of FirstScan, my husband was able to maintain normal prostate function after his cancer treatment.

Sara P. – Wife of FirstScan Client

FirstScan found my cancer in its earliest stages and saved my life. I’m thankful this service was available to me.

Bob J. – Prostate Cancer Survivor

Without FirstScan, I would have had to endure a painful blind biopsy to find out my high PSA was not due to cancer.

Tom J. – FirstScan Client


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