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Prostate MRI Interpretive Guide
for Patients

Many technical terms and descriptions used in the formal MRI reports make little sense to most people, as the vocabulary is highly specialized and intended for medical professions. This brief PDF guide is intended to help clarify some of the most significant technical aspects of your report. Only your physician can actually make a diagnosis and recommend treatment, so please direct any questions about the interpretation and meaning of your MRI report to him or her.

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MRI Average Patient Cost When Billed to Insurance

An MRI cost breakdown for physicians and patients

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Is billing your insurance always the most affordable option?

Everyone’s insurance coverage is different

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FirstScan New Patient Packet

Please download and bring to FirstScan before your first appointment

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Facilities offering image-guided biopsies
and organ-sparing treatments

If, after your FirstScan screening, your doctor recommends a biopsy, it’s important to know which facilities provide accurate, efficient image-guided biopsies.
This PDF includes a list of medical centers recommended by FirstScan because of their early adaptation of either/both image-guided biopsies (FUSION or MRI)
or guided or Focal treatment. Both procedures are intended to be organ-sparing.

Download PDF

An Overview of Prostate Cancer Detection,
Validation, Surveillance and Treatment Options –
The Role of MRI for Early Detection of Prostate Cancer

A paper by Randall W. Jones, D.Eng. (PhD, MBA), and Stephen W. Leslie, MD FACS

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FirstScan Brochure

Please download and learn more about FirstScan

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Enhanced FAQ

In-depth answers to frequently asked questions

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Prostate Cancer Resources

CHI Us Too/Man to Man Prostate Cancer Support Group (Omaha)

Are you looking for a support group in the Omaha area?
The US Too/Man to Man Prostate Cancer Support Group is a wonderful resource for prostate cancer patients and their families.


First Tuesday of the month
6:00-7:00 pm

Bergan Mercy Campus. This support group meets on the 2nd level of the Bergan Mercy Medical Center Medical Office Building in classrooms B&C.


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