Randall Jones, PhD, MBA

FirstScan President & Chief Technology Officer



Dr. Jones is a proven entrepreneur and business manager who has numerous patents on MRI technology, including the most recent, the world’s first wearable Prostate/Pelvic Coil. An accomplished inventor, combined with being a highly trained USAF technician and MRI physicist, Dr. Jones and and his company, ScanMed, have become leaders in MRI RF system and MRI coil diagnostics.

Dr. Jones received his PhD/MBA (Dr.Eng.) from Texas A&M, in the field of EE (electromagnetics) with emphasis on MRI antennae. His masters thesis in RF hyperthermia led to employment in the MRI industry and rise to Director of Operations of a company now publicly traded. An accomplished inventor boasting 20 years’ experience in the MRI industry, he has received numerous FDA 510k product approvals, 11 US patents, development grants, SBIR grants, and one NIH grant as well as over 50 medical device designs – all largely financed through organic growth.