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Neuro Imaging & Traditional MRI Services!

About US

FirstScan is a locally owned and operated independent diagnostic testing facility located right off I-80 at the 144th St. exit, minutes from anywhere in Omaha.
You may have seen some of our marketing for our MRI for early prostate cancer detection, but that’s just one of the exams that we offer. We offer Neuro Imaging services, as well as, a full range of routine MRI exams!

FirstScan uses the only independently owned 3 Tesla MRI in the area. Technology advances quickly, and FirstScan offers the latest for the lowest cost! Do you want your patients scanned on decade old scanners? We don’t.

3 Tesla MRI

1.5 Tesla MRI


Our Technology

Alongside our new 3 Tesla MRI lies a 1.5 Tesla MRI for those physicians who have a preference or their patient has a medical condition not conducive to a 3 Tesla scan. We are the only independent facility that can offer this kind of flexibility!

Our Radiologists

When we said we were locally operated, we meant it. Our board certified, subspecialty INDEPENDENT radiologists are based right here in Omaha. No hospital affiliations driving up the already sky high cost of imaging either. That also means, no second bill to your patient for the interpretation! These interpretations are guaranteed within 24 hours!


FirstScan Currently Accepts Medicare & Most Major Insurance Plans!

What Sets Us Apart?

  • 100% locally owned and operated.
  • FirstScan is the only independent facility in the area accredited by the ACR for Body imaging as well as MSK, Spine, and Head.
  • FirstScan uses the only 3 Tesla MRI outside of the hospital systems in the area, not to mention  offering a 1.5 Tesla scanner as well.
  • FirstScan is right off I-80 at 144th St. making it accessible within minutes from anywhere in town. No busy intersections or overcrowded parking lots. Privacy your patients will appreciate.
  • FirstScan is the low cost provider in the area with a cash discounted price of $399 for MRI’s without contrast!
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