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Prostate cancer (PCa) is the most prevalent organ cancer in men – but prostate cancer detection rates have stalled, with numbers comparable to where breast cancer was more than a decade ago. For years, the medical community has been forced to use largely ineffective screening methods that waste resources, miss prostate cancer in its early stages, and fail to protect patient health and quality of life. With 220,000 new cases causing an estimated 27,500 deaths each year, we can’t ignore this problem any longer. At FirstScan, we believe that we can use PSA-level results as a pre-screening tool to identify patients who could benefit from optimized prostate Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Through our revolutionary approach to MRI, we can offer peace of mind. And we can deliver accurate, accessible answers.


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President and Chief Technology Officer Randall Jones discusses the benefits of FirstScan.

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Our Executive Team

Randall Jones, PhD, MBA

President & Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Jones, ScanMed’s owner and CEO, is a proven entrepreneur and an accomplished inventor with over 10 patents and dozens of completed designs. The combination of being a highly trained USAF technician, PhD EE and MRI physicist has enabled Jones and ScanMed to become a leader in MRI RF system and MRI coil diagnostics.  READ MORE

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