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FirstScan™ is empowering patients to choose their path and make smarter decisions for their health.
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Steps to schedule an appointment

  1. Speak with your physician about FirstScan’s MRI Prostate Screening Service. Once he or she has agreed to provide a prescription for the service, you’ll be able make an appointment with us.
  2. Make an appointment by calling (402) 934-1999 or filling out the form on this page. Any online appointment requests will receive a telephone call from our office to confirm the appointment.
  3. FirstScan’s MRI Technologist will scan you in less than half an hour.
  4. We will send your images to our diagnostic radiologist for a diagnosis.
  5. Your images will be sent to your physician within 3-5 business days, along with your initial diagnosis. FirstScan offers recommended resources with a list of treatment options to discuss with your physician.


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Fill out our convenient online form to schedule an appointment or request more information. You will be contacted by FirstScan within one business day.

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